3 easy ways to give

By sponsoring a a family you will be providing them with a raised bed, seeds, plants, nutrients, water and everything else they need at no cost.  As well as their gardening classes and an invitation to join our cooking series. 


From seed to table support!


"The Grow Nashua initiative has been such an inspiring element in our community... not just bringing food resources to low income families, but even more importantly, creating community and social connectedness.


What a fantastic approach to social innovation!"

Mike Apfelberg

President of the United Way


This is letting us know you believe in our mission.... day after day, month after month with your consistent giving! We are built by community (thanks to our incredible volunteers) and for community (much love to our families that grow with us)!  Your monthly donation amount will allow us to build a sustainable foundation on which to enhance all of our programs, grow our team, and provide consistent programming to our  community.  

We are forever grateful to our monthly donors for your belief in us!

By sponsoring during this critical time you'll be helping us maintain our edible Growing Spaces throughout the neighborhoods in Nashua that struggle with food security.

The amazing power of a seed, the beauty yet fragility of a plant, and the pride felt in nurturing something that in turn provides our bodies sustainance. There is no question we are inter-connected and now is the time for us to trust and lean on each other once again. 

We invite you to contribute today to something bigger than any one of us individually... to (y)our community.

Community member testimonial

“Grow Nashua is little by little, stitch by stitch, mending our social fabric. Justin is one of those people with the amazing capacity to listen not just with his ears but with his heart. He is  both compassionate and unassuming; genuinely caring about people’s well-being, person by person.

Their team manages to develop projects that allow people from all walks of life to work together more effectively for the good of everyone involved.


Through this inclusivity, Grow Nashua is showing all of us ways that we too can help, little by little, to lessen the suffering that is so prevalent in our time, and simultaneously (and very significantly), help rebuild more just, joyful, and sustainable communities.”


- Edith Couchman

Your support today critical to our sustainability!

During these unchartered times, Grow Nashua commits to being a rock that fosters unity,  sows the seeds of hope, and provides education and resources for families to grow, prepare, and consume fresh, nutritious food! 


We believe our Growing Spaces & Education is now more important than ever to provide vulnerable families with raised garden beds and everything they need to grow their own fresh produce.


Thank you for helping to feed our neighbors!