Lil' Free Farmstand

We invite you to join a growing list of community members that are sharing their extra veggies to build a more resilient community!!

Grow em', buy em', donate em' and we'll get them to families that need em'!

* For a full list of sturdy veggies see PDF here.

How it works?

Buy some or pick some from your garden

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Share your extra veggies at our farmstands

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We connect with families in need of fresh veggies

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Families enjoy free produce from the farmstand

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The impact YOU will make? 

Increase food access in our Nashua neighborhoods

Food desert [food dez-ert] noun. - "An urban area in which it is difficult to find and buy affordable or good-quality fresh food."

We have food deserts in Nashua where it is difficult to easily get to stores that sell affordable, healthful foods.  So we locate our Lil' Free Farmstands there.

"Gardeners that Give" - We invite you to become one if you grow food, growing a little extra and share.  It will support our community and increase our local food shed shifting some of the burden off the food system and into our own hands.... aka making us more resilient 

If you do not grow food we welcome you to donate and we will purchase from local farmers, which will in turn strengthen our local food resilience.

Partners committed to bringing this to our neighborhoods

We are grateful for our community partners, the "Gardeners that Give" and our Presenting Sponsor Service Credit Union for their support in helping this program grow and spread through our Nashua neighborhoods in the coming years!  We couldn't do it without everyone working together, so we are so glad to be collaborating to serve others!

Neighborhood Participating Partners

NH Gleaners

Unitarian Universalist Church

United Way of Greater Nashua

Dartmouth Hitchcock

Presbytarian Church Nashua

Alanna Van Antwerpen

Ally Webb

Amanda Cregg

Amanda Fitzpatrick

Anna Marie Campbell

Anne Protzmann

Betsy Westgate

Brenna Morrissey

Bob Graybill

Boris Shoov

Caroline Bergeron

Cathy Guevarra

Christina Borrazas

Colleen Guild

Craig Lange

Crystal Cassa

Dave McConville

Delilah Kiely

Denise Maynard


Donna Bowie

Donna LaRue

Ellen Hickey

Emily Dingee

Emily McInerney

Ericka LaValley

Garren Walters

George Burliss

Geri Davidson

Gina Gaboian-Frey

Ginger Hedges

Haley Goodspeed

James Hughes

Arlington Street Community Center

PAL of Nashua

The First Church Nashua

Southern NH Health

Hillsborough County Conservation 

Crossway Christian Church

Immaculate Conception

Jami Boyle

Janet & Dennis Roy

Jay Darrin

Jay Tifone

Jeannette Perrin

Jess Bagley

Jess Munroe

Jessica Hall Breault

Jessica Norris

Jill Bent

Joe Natalino

Jonathan Spira-Savett

Julia Gavin

Justin Munroe

Justin Walters

Karen Thomas

Kate O'Shea

Kelly Leclair

Kim Hester

Kim Williams


Kristine Goodrich

Krystal Vezina

Laura Saluja

Lauren & Steven Johnston

LeeAnne Steenhoek

Lily Lee

Linda Julian

Linda Michon

Lisa Vasquez

Lisa Walters

Lori Barrett

Fresh Start Farms 

ORIS: Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success

Greater Nashua Food Council

Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter

Nashua Garden Club

Congregational Church of Amherst

Maria Madrigal at PAL

Marilyn Spence

Mary Theresa Freund

Meagan Comstock

Melissa Kosman

Melissa Schwartz

Mike McGovern

Miri Scharf

Morgan Doherty

Nadine Parker

Paula Sech

Peggy Cardone

Rev. Allison Palm


Robin and Larry Rubin

Robin Samuelson

Roland Brito

Sally Thomas

Samantha Murphy

Sara Gual

Shanna Demers

Steve Hedges

Teresa Morgan

Tess George

Tiffany Haggett

Tom Harris

Toni Taylor

Tonia Knisley

Tyler Rancourt

Valerie Raudonis

Wayne Spence

Yvette Bourque

Lil Free Farmstand fills the gap

It wasn't that long ago when we knew our neighbors and were happy to share a cup of sugar and we believe now is the time to return.

We invite you to join with others in Nashua and be part of movement that brings back a healthy interconnected community supporting one another!

*Vegetables suitable for pantry use; no prepared foods or leafy greens per the City of Nashua see PDF for full list

Imagine...  One of these in every food desert in Nashua.  Let's work together to make it happen!