Lil' Free Farmstand

We invite you to join a growing list of "Gardeners that Give" that are sharing their extra veggies to build a more resilient community!!

How it works?

If you have a garden, grow some extra

Share your extra harvest with the farmstand

Or donate and we'll buy from a local farmer

If you need fresh produce, connect with us

Families enjoy free produce from the farmstand

The impact YOU will make? 

Increase our local food resiliency

If you grow food, growing a little extra can increase our local food supply of fresh nutritious food, as well as shift some of the burden off the food system and into our own hands.  

If you do not grow food we welcome you to donate and we will purchase from local farmers, which will in turn strengthen our local food resilience.


Food Desert​s

We have areas in Nashua where it is difficult to easily get to stores that sell affordable, healthful foods, aka food deserts.  So we locate our free farmstands here.

Lil Free Farmstand fills the gap

It wasn't that long ago when we knew our neighbors and were happy to share a cup of sugar and we believe now is the time to return.

We invite you to join us together with us in this movement to bring back a healthy interconnected community supporting one another.

Partners committed to bringing this to our neighborhoods

Imagine...  One of these in every food dessert in Nashua.  


Let's work together for something bigger than any one of us individually!


Join as a family in need      |      Join as a grower      |      Be a Farmstand site     |     Donate support more sites

”If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.” - African Proverb

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