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Community Garden Family

"It’s a wonder. A little seed turns into a beautiful and delicious fruit. My children say, “It’s a miracle.”

In this garden and through this program, I seemed to watch many wonderful miracles. We started from hard soil. Many wonderful people just as Justin have put their effort and love on it and on us. One day in this Fall I saw that all kinds of people are harvesting their own miracles in the garden. They themselves looked like a wonderful flowers and fruits to my eye. Each distinct color of them has its own beauty and it made our garden more beautiful and abundant. It was wonderful!

The little seed let my family grow too. We as a family became more fruitful and joyful with it. I also seeded to grow with it.

Thank you all. Thank for any unseen hand to help us."

Ji-won Choi – Community Gardener

"Thank you for all you do for our school and the Nashua Community!


It really makes a difference in many people’s lives and we all appreciate your help in fulfilling our vision of a beautiful, sustainable education garden for our students!"

The Amherst St. Elementary School Garden Team

"“It is very interesting how Trauma and Poverty affect the brain and I’ve gone to many workshops on this topic. That being said I used the garden Tuesday for a student who was in semi crisis mode. He  helped me pick all the red tomatoes and by the end he was calm enough to return successfully to class. Thank you for starting this garden program for our community”  "

- Sarah Ledoux Nashua Elementary School Teacher

School Gardens
Cooking Classes

"Grow Nashua is an amazing non-profit organization!


Justin is super passionate about bringing the community together and providing knowledge and skills on growing healthy foods.


Cooking Matters NH loves partnering with Justin and Grow Nashua in order to create community wealth."

Ashlynn Moerloos – NH Food Bank & Cooking Matters

"Justin is a dynamic individual who motivates, never criticizes always encourages, does not sweat the small stuff, keep moving forward, effective kind of leader.

I believe that Justin is one of those special people who are a connects people together to accomplish something good. Justin is inclusive; Adults, children, long time residents, recent immigrants all participated with energy.


Because of Justin I made new friends whom I wound have never had the opportunity to met if it was not for this Garden.

Thank you Justin!"

Sam Pratt – Learning Garden Farmer

Gardeners of all ages
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