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Grow your own food...


Join us to steward a garden of your own this year.  We've built raised bed gardens throughout the city to share with families to grow their own nutritious produce!  No experience required and we will be there throughout the season to share growing tips, offer a hand, and learn from one another!

Priority is given our families of Nashua that has insufficient access to fresh foods and a place to grow them.


Everything is free to participate and we share seeds, water, nutrients and education throughout the season to help you grow successfully.  You'll have your own plot and also be connected to some of your neighbors that also grow in the space!

Impact future generations.. 

Let's make a shift for our children from just being "food consumers" to being "food producers".  We have urban garden sites in eight different neighborhoods throughout Nashua, so when signing up please specify which neighborhood is most convenient for your family :)

We have tried to place the gardens in neighborhoods that qualify as food deserts (a.k.a. no fresh produce stores within walking distance).

All skill levels welcome and we offer gardening workshops and indoor growing educational series both virtually and at the site throughout the season.  

"Urban gardens positively affect the neighborhoods in which they are located through health, social, ecological and neighborhood benefits. The health benefits are numerous. As well as eating better and being more active, growers are more involved in social activities, view their neighborhoods as more beautiful, and have stronger ties to their neighborhoods." - GGHC 2010

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