"Urban farms positively affect the neighborhoods in which they are located through health, social, ecological and neighborhood benefits. The health benefits are numerous. As well as eating better and being more active, farmers are more involved in social activities, view their neighborhoods as more beautiful, and have stronger ties to their neighborhoods." - GGHC 2010

Start with the Learning Garden

The farmers will start in their first year at one of our three Learning Gardens placed throughout the city.


Farmers will be in charge of building their own plot on a common site where they will learn the skills to grow, harvest, preserve, and use fresh produce.   

Continue by Sustaining Together

Upon graduating from the program Grow Nashua will ask the graduates what they envision for their farming future (i.e. how large of a space would they like, where would that be located, would they like to create revenue from their efforts).  Then help them sync up with an urban plot in their neighborhood or a local production farming site.

Completing with Economic Mobility

The final step is tying these growing efforts back into a Food Hub for distribution back into our city partners. This will provide our farmers with a method to create income from their harvest and economic opportunities and utilize our services to sell their produce directly back into the hospitals, schools, and institutions that are helping Grow Nashua build this system.  

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