"Urban farms positively affect the neighborhoods in which they are located through health, social, ecological and neighborhood benefits. The health benefits are numerous. As well as eating better and being more active, farmers are more involved in social activities, view their neighborhoods as more beautiful, and have stronger ties to their neighborhoods." - GGHC 2010

It Starts with a Seed  

Growing Spaces bring together gardeners of all walks of life and skill levels. Grow Nashua has built and now hosts five urban Growing Spaces community gardens in Nashua, and two more are planned for 2020.  

Continue by Sustaining Together

Through our community gardens, Grow Nashua works with gardeners and community partners to increase access to fresh, nutritious food for all Nashua families. Families and volunteers learn how to grow fresh fruits and vegetables, and we ensure surplus bounty goes to individuals and families in need. 

Growing Community Gardening Series


Beginners and seasoned gardeners alike come together to share and learn through our gardening workshops and seminars. Be on the lookout for virtual adaptations of our gardening skills training, and please reach out to us to let us know what educational agriculture programming you would like to see. 

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