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Commercial Compost Service

Start small & simple with our easy bucket solution that makes every pound matter! 

Unfortunately, food waste makes up approximately 20% of the trash we throw away; filling our landfills and wreaking havoc by releasing harmful methane gas.  Unfortunately, methane is more persistent in the atmosphere, so over 20 years the emission traps heat at a rate of 86X higher than that of the nightly news's favorite environmental emission villian, carbon (CO2).  Both are bad, but methane is 8600% worse!


The solution is here for you to be a part of!  Get started with just a few buckets and you can quickly divert 5,000 pounds of food waste this year and be part of our bigger goal of surpassing 500,000 so far!

The Impact Your Organization Can Make

Today you have the opportunity to make a long term local impact for your community!

Grow Nashua now offers a local food scrap collection service to divert waste from our landfill, create green energy, return nutrients back to the soil, and generate new jobs.  We will compost your food scraps and organic materials while simultaneously supporting our non-profit outreach in Nashua's inner city and school gardens. 


An easy step in the right direction for our environment and community!

How it works?

Commercial Compost Pickup Graphics Building.png

You sign up and we drop buckets off at your office for food waste.

Commercial Compost Pickup Graphics Truck.png

We pickup your full bucket and leave you with a fresh empty bucket.

Commercial Compost Pickup Graphics Recycle Symbol.png

We turn your food waste into energy and fertilizer for the farm.

Commercial Compost Pickup Graphics Proud.png

You can be proud of your impact on the environment!

Why compost with us?

  • It’s easy.  Just throw your food scraps, coffee grounds, paper goods in a container.

  • It’s local.  Your waste is diverted from Nashua's landfill, giving it more time to become a landFULL and reducing our local greenhouse gas emission.

  • It creates Nashua jobs. As more clients sign up, we create green jobs for our community members.

  • It's impactful.  Every dollar is reinvested in our non-profit's food movement to increase food access, nutrition education, and advocacy for our community.

  • Working together, we can all contribute more effectively to the evolution of a resilient local food system, one that that nurtures the health of people, the local economy, and the planet at large. 

Crumb trail to why composting is important…


  • 1/5th of the total trash we throw away is food scrap.

  • Right now only 5% of that food waste is currently being recycled. 

  • Leaving the other 95% to be burned or buried releasing greenhouse methane gas into our air.

  • Instead we will recycle your food scraps to create energy and fertilizer that can replenish our farmlands.

  • At our core, we understand the importance of not wasting and that doing so unnecessarily has consequences.

Process your subscription payment

Payments using your credit card (MC, Visa, Amex, Discover) will recur automatically and you may cancel or switch quantities anytime.

Choose your quantity of buckets to be picked up each week

$12/week - 2 Buckets divert 3,300 pounds yearly - sign-up here 

$15/week - 3 Buckets divert 4,900 pounds yearly - sign-up here

$20/week - 4 Buckets divert 6,600 pounds yearly - sign-up here

$28/week - 6 Buckets divert 9,900 pounds yearly - sign-up here


*We can handle any quantity your office needs and will give you a custom quote.

Auto-bill Promotion - By setting up auto-bill payment you save us accounting time, leave us more energy to do good work, and therefore we waive your $40 commercial set-up fee!  A receipt will still be provided for tax purposes. 

Thank you for joining Grow Nashua to make a difference in our community!


Every dollar you spend with us will be dedicated to supporting Grow Nashua’s initiatives to improve food access to all, nutrition education for students, and new green jobs for our local economy.  Working together, we can all contribute more effectively to the evolution of a resilient local food system, one that that nurtures the health of people, the local economy, and the planet at large!


Thank you for joining this movement and making an impact here in Nashua!

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