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Frequently asked questions

How much waste did Americans create last year?

250 million tons of waste every year heads to landfills nationwide.

How much of that waste is compostable?

Over 40 percent! 250 million tons X 40% = 1,600,000,000 pounds of compostable materials!!

Will it smell?

It shouldn’t. Inside the house we recommend using a countertop collection unit (see below for our favorite) and using the compostable bags. As long as you change it every 3-4 days you’ll be good to go. Outside the house, we swap out your 5-gallon barrel and clean it each week, so that also will be fine.

Should I buy a countertop collection unit?

Pick on that fits your style and space, as well as it’s functionality. If you are going to empty daily a glass bowl will do. We love the convenience of keeping our pail either on the countertop or under the sink for at least 2-3 days before emptying. This one is a good size for a family of 4, opens easily, closes tightly, and the lid flips all the way back for ease of emptying into your 5-gallon bucket. View countertop bucket recommendation

Where do I store my bucket for pick up?

We’ll assess your site when we drop off your bucket and if you have a preference, please let us know. Most importantly it would be a location that was convenient for you to empty your food scraps and safe and accessible for us to retrieve.

What area do you service?

We are currently servicing areas in Nashua and Hollis, NH.

I really want to participate but my budget is tight!

We understand that any additional cost can be a burden. However, you’re on this site because you understand the value in this program.

So how can you still participate?

Do it yourself! Get a compost tumbler, set up a bin, give to your food scraps to your CSA, etc. There are many ways to participate. Just make sure it is and easy set-up and go for it!

Organize your neighborhood and we will develop a plan around 5 or more homes or apartments.

I don’t have enough material to warrant a pickup.

A 5-gallon bucket holds a lot so talk to your neighbor about sharing a bin.

Do it yourself! Get a compost tumbler, set up a bin, give your food scraps to your CSA etc. – there are many ways to participate. For home, find a type of bin you like or select from the many models on the internet. Pick one that’s easy to use and just do it!

How do you pick up?

Currently we pick up by truck. However, as our customer base grows we'll be transitioning to bike pick-up with pull behind trailers! This will further improve our collective impact for our Nashua environment and create green jobs!

What can I compost?

See printable compost list here.

The Impact You Can Make

Today you do have the opportunity to make a local impact for your community!

Grow Nashua now offers a local food scrap collection service to lower waste in our landfill and return nutrients back to the soil.  We will compost your food scraps and organic materials while simultaneously using the compost created to support our local community and school gardens. 


An easy step in the right direction for our environment and community!

How it works?

You sign up below. We drop a bucket off at your doorstep.

We collect the contents of your bucket once a week and leave you with a fresh bucket.

In the spring you receive a bag of compost back or donate it to a school of your choice.

You are happy because you have made an impact in your community!

Why compost with us?

  • It’s easy.  Just throw your food scraps in a container.

  • It’s local.  Your compost goes back into our local community and school gardens.

  • It creates Nashua jobs. As more clients sign up, we create green jobs for our community members.

  • It’s automated.  Monthly payments are automatic.

  • It's impactful.  Every dollar is reinvested in our local food movement to increase food access, nutrition education, and advocacy for our community.

  • Working together, we can all contribute more effectively to the evolution of a resilient local food system, one that that nurtures the health of people, the local economy, and the planet at large. 

Crumb trail to why composting is important…

  • 1/5th of the total trash we throw away is food scrap.

  • Right now only 5% of that food waste is currently being recycled. 

  • Leaving the other 95% to be burned or buried releasing greenhouse methane gas into our air.

  • Instead we will recycle your food scraps to create nutrient filled material that will be returned to the Earth, so our growers can replenish soils and grow new nutrient dense vegetables.

  • At our core, we understand the importance of not wasting and that doing so unnecessarily has consequences.

Residential Service

$25/month for weekly service

Commercial Service

Contact us for a custom quote.



Thanks! We're excited to have you on board and will be in touch shortly.