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Grow Nashua creates urban vegetable farms in our city and schools and uses this common ground to empower people to foster relationships in our community.

We will continue to sow the seeds of hope and community connectedness, through our urban growing spaces and educational programming that will lead to a resilient Nashua.


Our programs fit cohesively together and provide participants with the education and resources needed to successfully grow, cook, and eat healthy; while advocating for our local food system.

Started with a seed of an idea in 2015

My great-grandmother moved to Nashua in 1916 from Canada and although my family has traveled in and out over the years, Nashua has always been "home" to us.  My family lives here now and we try to live less out of habit and more out of intent.  

We enjoy our own garden for the quiet respite it provides, as well as for its nutritious bounty.  By putting down the roots for others that do not have the means we are able to share this enriching experience with others and simultaneously strengthen the neighborhoods of Nashua.  

- Justin Munroe

Founder & Current Co-Director

Our sincerest thanks to the United Way of Greater Nashua for believing in us from day one!  They do an amazing job supporting our community at every level and in particular in their efforts to incubate non-profits that are just starting out. 


We started five years ago with only passion and a vision and they mentored us on how to operate as a non-profit, connected us with key community partners, assisted with office admin, and most importantly allowed us to begin having an impact right away in the community.  They do not charge us any fees, so that all donations go straight to Grow Nashua for us to fulfill our mission.

They always make us feel "top of mind" and have been so crucial in guiding us through this process of successful growth since 2015.  Having someone who believes in you and supports you should not be undervalued and we will continue to pass that lesson forward!

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