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Join our movement of Nashua neighbors. 

Some with resources and some in need of resources.

Together we are engaging in innovative programs that are increasing access to fresh veggies, educating future generations on our fragile food system, protecting our environment, and fostering stronger connections between neighbors. 

You're invited :)

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neighbors in need

Inflation is running rampant.  Consumer goods up 27% over 4 years. 

Rental rates are spiking to $2-3K.

Nashua's low-income neighbors already are spending a disproportional amount of their income on basic needs and unfortunately that makes fresh food the #1 thing cut when grocery shopping.  Grow Nashua is continuously adding and modifying our programming to meet this rising need for fresh food.

the time is now to act

Neighbors are participating and we have been steadily building momentum, listening, and caring about our neighbors since 2015. 

  • Engaging 5,000+ neighbors yearly in outreach.

  • Getting youths' hands into the dirt in school gardens.

  • Delivering 2,000 grocery bags of fresh veggies to neighbors most in need each summer 7 days a week.

  • Diverting a million pounds of food waste from Nashua's Four Hills Landfill. 

  • Building and managing 160 urban garden plots strategically placed in Nashua's food deserts.

  • Joining advocacy efforts to protect our most vulnerable neighborhoods and the families that live there.

let's grow together

Grow Nashua's Vision is to one day be a community that forgets about scarcity and instead makes decisions that equitably share the abundant resources already available in our great city!

Your community support whether financial or in sharing your time is what will allow this movement to grow and increase our capacity to serve our Nashua families!

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